Software that advances Data Center Control, Efficiency & Optimization

  • Customized Dashboard

    Control and Optimize Facilities & IT systems on ONE CENTRALIZED PLATFORM"
  • How Efficient is your Data Center?

    Learn how to Lower TCO, Improve PUE & Increase ROI,"
  • PUE Optimization

    Take Control of your Costs with Data Center Integrator and PUE Optimizer"
  • Generator Plant Control

    Monitor & Control emergency generators & fuel transfer pumps with automatic exercising and Load Tests

  • Automatic Rack Power Usage Billing

    for Collocation Data Center

  • 3-D Custom Graphics

    Scalable, Modular & “Buy as you Grow”   

  • Control of Multiple Data Centers Globally

DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS provides the FIRST Data Center infrastructure management software, DCIM for facilities and IT equipment using cloud-based software solutions. READ MORE...

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Control and optimize the following systems on ONE CENTRALIZED PLATFORM:

  • Generators
  • Switch Gear
  • Power Monitoring
  • HVAC- Chiller Plants
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • AC Units
  • Fire Control

With these BENEFITS:

  • 24/7 Access
  • Real Time Monitoring and Management
  • Visibility of All Systems
  • Scheduled Alarms and Alerts


Data Center Solutions Integrator

  • Real Time Control - integrates IT equipment & Facilities systems. DCI can integrate ANYTHING
  • Comprehensive dashboard that displays all equipment alarms, systems status, real time monitoring, and diagnostics
  • Maximize the use of energy efficiency control algorithms designed to lower energy costs and operating costs
  • 3D graphics customized to replicate equipment and actual layouts
  • Cloud based control system OR optional site installed servers
  • Backward compatible with older generations of equipment
  • Energy Consumption Optimization
  • Data Trending, Scheduling, Duty Cycling & Rack Billing
  • Vendor neutral solutions
  • Scalable solutions – build as you grow
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Data Center Energy Efficiency Audits

  • Energy audits and modeling of performance of existing systems
  • Energy Master Planning – Data Center Design to the latest efficiency standards.
  • Detailed Energy life cycle analysis provides the lowest life cycle costing for both capital replacements and operational costs
  • Trusted Technical Expertise with over 25 years in the industry
  • Current State Analysis against Industry Efficiency Metrics
  • Design for the lowest cost of ownership using the latest methods of monitoring and controls systems
  • Design of scalable solutions that match equipment sizing with real time load conditions
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Reduce TCO with PUE Optimizer

  • Data Center Integrator PUE Optimizer minimizes energy consuming systems while maintaining desired data center environmental conditions
  • Advanced control system algorithms for HVAC system energy reduction
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership, TCO
  • Real time control & monitoring of all points
  • Vendor neutral solutions
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